Monday, November 30, 2015

The latest...

Life has been crazier than that even possible??   Unfortunately my blog writing has taken a huge decline, but I am proud to say that it isn't keeping me up at night.  I do have much I've wanted to share these past couple of weeks (my gosh, we are going on months since I've written with regularity), but I am prioritizing what is most important and not stressing about getting some stuff done.  Progress!!

Since Monday, October 12th, I've been partaking in a pretty big (more like MASSIVE!) undertaking.  My friend Susanne suggested we try doing Whole30 for one month.  It's completely clean eating.  Additionally, you don't eat dairy, grains, gluten and sugar (of any kind!).  Oh yeah, and no soy, or peanuts in any form.  You focus on how you feel, rather than the number on the scale.  It has been proven that eating clean, non-processed, non-packaged foods does wonders for a very long list of ailments, including but not limited to: inflammation, joint pain, and digestive issues.  While I don't suffer from any of this, I do feel big-time sugar cravings and the 3:30pm/4:00pm energy crash. 

It's no secret that my weight is the bane of my existence. I feel this is the one big area I grapple with daily, even hourly.   I know that there has to be a better way and I am always willing to try something new.  So I read the book this way of eating is based on "Whole30" and jumped into the deep end.

The first week was very overwhelming.  I am making ginormous changes on the way I am eating and wasn't fully prepared how much time it would take to lunch or dinner made.  I make EVERYTHING from scratch -- ranch dressing, pesto sauce, and tomato sauce to name a few things.  I spend about 4 hours each weekend and prepare what I will be eating for the coming week.  You can't really wing it from meal to meal when you need to make it all.   I typically make on Sunday:  Spinach frittata (this will be my breakfast each morning), ranch dressing, egg salad and/or chicken salad, and salads in mason jars for lunches.  I've got a freezer stocked with items I can pull and put towards dinner each night (chicken meatballs, spaghetti squash, soup, cauliflower mash, etc). 

Weeks 2 thru 4 went so much better and I got into a groove.  My breakfast, lunch and dinner is packed with enough protein, vegetables and fat that I feel full enough to not even want to snack. Wow!

I am most impressed with my energy level and no longer feeling like I need a nap around 4:00pm.  I love that I don't crave sugar or sugar filled sweets.  And its a wonderful feeling to know that I am only putting high quality, clean foods in my body.  It makes a huge difference when you actually taste the food you are eating and its not filled with preservatives. 

Since I've started this way of eating, I've had to travel out of town 3 times (including one big-time never-ending foodarama filled cruise), and eaten out at restaurants a bunch of times.  I am pleased to say I hung in there and kept my food choices to my new Whole30ish way of life.

The first month is officially over.  Without counting calories or points, I lost 11 pounds in the first 30 days.  I am working on making myself healthier mentally and not focus on the number on the scale.  This is has got to be the biggest change to come of all this.  Instead of getting on the scale daily, I now manage once a month.

I will keep going and going eating Whole30, being super strict at home, and not worrying so much about little details at restaurants or friend's houses.  I am seeing great results and enjoying having a sense of control over my food choices, especially as we enter the holiday season. 

Could it be that I've finally gotten my act together regarding food and my weight?  Time will tell.