Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cat naps

It's been almost a month since I did the hypnosis.  The biggest change I've seen?  I seem to fall asleep very easily, in the most random moments through out my day.  Either my days are starting too early and going for too long, or the suggestion for sleep was given to me instead of healthier living.

I was in the kiss 'n ride line at Ian's school for pick-up one afternoon.  I had the window down and a nice, Spring breeze was coming in the car.  The next thing I knew, I was asleep.  I am sure my mouth was hanging open and I looked like someone just shot me.  Just so you know, the car was in PARK and I was not endangering anyone's life.   A car in the other direction stops along side mine and the woman says, "Excuse me!  Excuse me!  Are you okay!?!?!?"   Of course, this startles me and I wake up and instantly say, "Yes!  Why are you asking?"   She points to the empty space in front of me.  There was not a car to be seen!  The entire space from mid-kiss 'n ride line to the school's doors was completely clear!   Oh my!!!  I was very, very embarrassed.  Also a little confused as to why no cars in the long line behind me honked their horn.  Unless they had been honking and I slept through it.

The next day I had gone to Honda to take my car in for an oil change.  I told my service guy that I needed to be out of there by 2:30pm.  He said no problem and I went to the waiting area for the next hour and a half.  I must've fallen asleep again because my service guy was saying, "Robyn, your car is ready.  Wake-up!  You said you needed to leave by 2:30pm."   Oh my!  The waiting room was full of people!  The tv was on loud!  And here I am snoozing away.   Fortunately Milton was watching the clock, because I certainly wasn't.

A few months ago, I was having a difficult time sleeping at night.  I was waking up for 2 to 3 hours in the middle of the night.  Even with all that, I wasn't napping during the day.  Now, I am back to getting a solid 7 hours of sleep and seem to need a little cat nap here or there.  Maybe it's genetic.  I think I come from a long line of nappers.  I remember my grandfather would fall asleep behind the wheel at red lights.  And my dad takes a nap pretty much daily.  Maybe when you hit a certain age, you have no choice but to take a few minutes when you can grab it and get a few zzzzz's.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I don't think a little pill is going to be invented in time.  You know the one that lets you eat whatever you want, and you still lose weight.  And I have completely given up on having a thyroid problem; despite telling EVERY doctor I see that it is a well-hidden thyroid issue and not easily detected with a blood test.   Even my friend Heather will send my articles from time to time about how thyroid issues can be related to Celiac and/or not easy to diagnose.  You got to love a best friend who does what she can to support you.  :)

I've given up hope and hit rock bottom.  I have become so disgusted with myself that I am ready to take some serious steps to change this body.  I am so tired of clothes not fitting like they used to and having to buy bigger sizes every time a new season comes.  I am so tired of not having endless amounts of energy like I used to.  

Obviously, the weight loss hypnosis is not cutting it.  I am tired of having success with Weight Watchers and then falling off the wagon and going back to the same old ways.  As my therapist says, I can’t go back to what I had been doing and I need to figure out what is holding me back.  There has got to be something. 
Meanwhile, I am challenging myself with something new.  I am working with a personal trainer.  For at least the next 3 weeks, I’ll meet with this guy named “Bailey” and see if I am able to get my mojo back in going to the gym.  A great workout, first thing in the morning (5:00am, baby!) always puts a little bounce in my step for the rest of the day.  It has an added bonus of making me very conscious of what I am eating that day.  I’d hate to mess up the hard work done that morning with poor food choices.
During my first workout with Bailey (do I tell him I used to have a dog named Bailey?!?!?), after the first 10 minutes, I felt like I was going to throw-up or pass out and needed a 10 minute breather.  Feeling nausea and looking for the closest place I could run to and puke was not a great way to start off our relationship.  Fortunately, the color returned in my face and I could stand again without feeling like I was going to fall over.  So not fun.  Bailey took it a little easier on me after that for the rest of the hour.  Gee, I wonder why?!??!
I will explore this path and see where it goes. I hate this struggle with my weight I’ve had my whole life. I don’t want to be super skinny, just healthy and to feel good about myself. I feel like everything else is finally clicking – Samantha pooping and peeing now like a normal person, working my part-time jobs and bringing in a little bit of money, getting to do the trips to FL with the kids, etc. So, why, oh why can’t this click? WHY can’t I get my act together and lose weight and keep it off?

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I left the house on Wednesday, March 13th at 5:20am (woke up at 4:30am).  I took the train from Union Station to Philadelphia, changed trains and arrived in Cherry Hill, NJ by 9:30am.  Approx. 8 hours later, I did the same trip back home and walked in my front door at 10:00pm.

I was not playing the role of a Mom, wife, or best girlfriend this day.  I was simply a relative on my way to celebrate the life of a wonderful Great Aunt.  My Aunt Connie.
Aunt Connie died, somewhat unexpectedly two Sundays ago.  This is a relative on my mom’s side of the family.  She was not only “great” but also one of my Great Aunt’s.  Considering my grandmother was one of 5 children, I have a nice extended family. 
My mom was unable to fly in and attend the funeral.  I went and represented the Florida branch of the family tree (my mom, sister, and dad).   It’s wasn’t a traditional funeral…there was no body (she was cremated the day before), there was no gravesite, and all religion had been taken out of the memorial.  What it was, was incredibly touching and a beautiful remembrance of an amazing woman.  Listening to her children and grandchildren speak was emotional.  I am always amazed how anyone can speak at a funeral and keep it together.  I just needed to look at one of the immediate family members and I start tearing up and choking back the tears. 

After the memorial service, there was a luncheon at a nearby restaurant.  Eating and drinking is where my family excels!  There were about 75 to 80 of us in attendance and the atmosphere was lively, with the laughs (and drinks!) flowing. 
Gosh, I love my family.  It was sad the reason we were brought together, but I enjoy being around my family so much. 
It’s funny that going to a funeral can be seen as a vacation day.  But it was nice to step away from all the responsibilities I usually have on a Wednesday and just be with my family.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Going to the Zoo.

Ian came home very excited the other day.  His 2nd grade class was FINALLY going on their first field trip of the year.  They are visiting the National Zoo on Thursday, April 4th.    Ian wants very much for me to sign up to be a chaperone. 

I really have no desire to go on a school field trip.  Riding on the school bus is not my idea of a fun day.  Nor, is having to look after kids other than my own – and even then, I am happy if someone else wants to look after mine from time to time.  Plus, I am working either one or both of my part-time jobs on Thursdays and it would be a bit of a challenge to juggle the work to another day in the week.   

Due to siblings not being allowed to accompany the chaperones on field trips, I’ve never been in a position before that I could even consider signing up to go.  Sam’s preschool schedule was too crazy and didn’t allow enough time to make it work.  However, this year, I can’t really use it as an excuse as she is able to stay each day until 3:00pm, if needed.  It’s ironic that my one day a week I chose to indulge and keep her until 3:00pm every week is none other than Thursdays.

Ian came to me in the morning, before school and asked if I filled out the form. I told Ian I really didn’t want to go on the field trip.  Ian looked disappointed and walked away.  I went into the shower.  It was then in the shower (I seem to do all my best thinking in the bathroom) that it hit me.  It’s true that I had no desire to go on the field trip, but Ian WANTED me to go.  There is going to come a day when Ian doesn’t want me to do these things.  There will come a day when I am sure I will be seen as an embarrassment.  There will come a day when he won’t even let me see him hang with his friends.  This was my a-ha moment.
I got out of the shower, quickly dressed and went in search of Ian.  He was downstairs.  I told him that I was looking at his field trip completely backwards.  And yes, I would love to go and be a chaperone.  I can’t wait to get on that bus and sit right next to him going to the zoo and back.  He laughed and said maybe I could sit in the row in front of him. 
I filled out the form to be a chaperone.  They will only take four people per class.  Ian’s form got turned in as soon as it was possible.  He said other forms were also in the chaperone pool being turned in.
We will see what happens and if I get picked to go.  Now that I’ve decided to go, I want to go more than anything.  Funny how that can happen.

UPDATE (Since writing this blog and waiting for it to post):  I didn't get picked to go on the field trip.  I was one of 16 moms informed that I was not needed.  Can you imagine?  20 moms and/or dads out of 24 kids total in the class volunteered to go on this field trip.  That is pretty impressive. And we are beyond the kindergarten year when everything is super cute.  It's nice to be part of a class where the parents are so involved.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting kooky, Part 4

The following Monday morning (a full week later), my cell phone rings.  It is the hypnotist!  Wow, I wasn't expecting to hear from her.

Her:  I am just calling and checking up to see how your week went.

Me:  Thanks for calling, but I have to honestly tell you that I don't think I made any changes this past week.

Her:  That's ok.  I'm only looking for subtle changes.

Me:  I really think I fell asleep during the session.  You take electronics out of my hand, turn down the lights, play relaxing music and I'm going to fall asleep.

Her:   You didn't fall asleep!!!  You only think that because you have nothing else to compare this experience to.  But when I said I am counting backwards from 3-2-1 and open your eyes, you did!  That means you weren't asleep.  You went very, very deep, which means you are highly suggestible.  Being this suggestible is a sign of high intelligence.  (She certainly knows how to keep me listening.  :)). YOU can take this in any direction you want -- money, partner, gold, weight loss...whatever you want to make happen. 

Me:  That's cool, but I still feel like I had checked out and fell asleep.

Her:  I am calling everyone in your group session and apologizing for what happened that night.  There was a gentleman who wasn't there for the reason he said he was.  He sent me an email the next morning letting me know he was part of the media and worked for The Washington Post.   I was so annoyed when I found this out.  He was destructive to the group and didn't let me do the best I could do.  He wasn't open to the experience and was constantly deconstructing everything I was saying.
I am offering everyone a special one-on-one session.  An individual session will be tailored to only you.   A group session needs to cater to everyone. Can I schedule you this now, yes or no? 

Me (I am silent.  Not sure how to answer.)

Her:  Would you like to think about this?

Me:  Yes.  Thank you for your call.

Her:  Please let me know what you would like to do.

Me:  Ok, bye.

WOW!!  So we totally nailed that guy correctly!  He was a reporter.  Hmmm, I wonder if he'll still be writing his article.  I wonder if I'll be known as the girl who said she fell asleep.  :)

I have no idea what I am going to do.  I am still very intrigued with this whole hypnosis thing, but right now, I am feeling very skeptical about her abilities.  I am leaning towards letting this opportunity for a special one-on-one session to pass.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting kooky, Part 3

The lights come back on.  The counselor asks if any of us are addicted to certain foods.  Michael says he is addicted to peanut butter and chocolate.  Not necessarily Reese Peanut Butter Cups, but any kind of peanut butter and chocolate  Another woman says she has a real problem with potatoes. 

The counselor says she will do a 10 minute exercise and show us how we can get over our food addictions.  She calls upon the woman first and has her sit in a chair in front of the room.  The woman is told to close her eyes and think back to a time when she first had potato chips.  Tell us about that time.  Take us there.  The woman sits there, not saying a word. 

Hypnotist:  Relax, take all the time you need.  Tell us what you are seeing.

Woman:  I am not seeing anything.

Hypnotist:  No, not what you are seeing, what are you feeling?  What is going through you? 

Woman:  (She says nothing, completely silent.)

Hypnotist:  Take all the time you need.  Tell us what is going on.

Woman:  I don't feel anything.  I don't see anything.

After another 5 minutes of this, the hypnotist tells us the woman is having a hard time opening up because of her need for privacy.  This will work better when the woman comes back for a one-on-one session.   (Yeah, sure it will.)

The hypnotist calls Michael, who admitted he can't stay away from chocolate and peanut butter.  She is going to try the same exact exercise with him and show us all how it can work.

Right away Michael closes his eyes and is transported back to his grandfather's kitchen when he was just a boy of 5 or 6 years old.  It's there that Michael shares peanut butter and chocolate with his grandfather.  Of course the hypnotist asks about his grandfather and Michael says he just died a few weeks ago.  (Talk about hiting paydirt with this one!)

Within the next 10 minutes, Michael's obsession with chocolate and peanut butter is completely kicked.  He no longer craves it and on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being HAS TO HAVE IT), Michael says he is at a "0" when offered chocolate/peanut butter.

I should add during this exercise, the hypnotist is making Michael repeat after her, "You love your grandfather.  You do not love the chocolate and peanut butter.  The chocolate and peanut butter have no feelings.  The chocolate and peanut butter have no feelings."  Over and over again this is getting repeated, while she is tapping him all over his face and shoulders. 

And with that, the session is over and we are now able to go home.  It's been over 3 hours.  And frankly, I am hungry for potato chips and chocolate.  The hypnotist encourages those who feel they need it, to schedule with her a one-on-one session.  My friend Donna goes up to her and requests a one-on-one appointment. It will cost $160 for this session.  She then informs Donna that it is very likely she will need more than one session to work through everything. (Sure she will!)

So it's been a full week.  And I can honestly say I feel no different.  Not only do I feel like I wasn't hypnotized, but I am pretty convinced I fell asleep.  I can remember at one point, the hypnotist came around, took my arm, shook it, and let it fall with a thud down to my side.  When she did this to me, I burst out laughing.  Later Donna asked me why I laughed.  I told her because I wasn't expecting her to do this and it scared me a bit.  Donna said the hypnotist had told us she was going to go around and do that to each of us.  Because I was asleep, I didn't hear her!   When she grabbed my arm, it woke me up. 

So what did I get out of the experience?  Other than a 2 hour nap?  Not much. However, I did get one of the best night's of sleep I've ever had.  I think because I was so relaxed, it was easy to fall into a deep, deep sleep.

Although, I have to say, Donna and I laughed the entire ride home.  We figured for the cost of dinner and a movie, it was worth the entertainment factor.

Was it wrong that as soon as I got home, I had chocolate-flavored rice cakes with peanut butter on them?

Stay tuned for Getting Kooky, Part 4 - When the hypnotist called me to follow-up.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting kooky, Part 2

The lights go down, the calming, new-agey music is turned up louder.  We are told to start breathing, deeper, deeper now, breathe and sink into our chair deeper, while the hypnotist counts to 10.  All of this is done very slowly, very softly and very drawn out.

We are then told to close our eyes (still breathing deeply) and put out our arms, with one palm turned upright and the other palm turned downward.  The palm facing up is holding a stack of books.  The books are getting heavier and heavier.  The other hand, with the palm facing down is holding a 100 helium balloons.   We are told the hand with the books is starting feel a ton of weight and the hand with the balloons is getting lighter.  After a minute or so, we are told to open our eyes and look around.  Everyone's arms are slightly raised/lowered apart appropriately.  Donna's hands have not budged in either direction at all.  Mine, however, can not get any lower (the one holding the "pretend" books) and my other arm is sticking straight up (the one holding the "pretend" balloons).  Right away, the counselor is looking at me and says that for someone who was so worried about going under, I turn out to be the most suggestible.  Um, doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that one hand is going to want to sink and the other hand is going to want to be lifted up.  In any event, I am still excited that I am doing this and can't wait to really get to work.

We start the breathing exercise again.  Go deeper, deeper still, sinking deep into our chair.  Over the course of the next hour and a half, we are told that from now on we will make healthier food choices, our portion sizes will be smaller, we will want to exercise every day.  Our bodies will crave the exercise and we will enjoy it.  We are thirsty and want only pure water to drink.  Very, very thirsty.  From now on, pure, clean water is all we'll want.

We are told we can picture ourselves thinner, more in shape.  These 'suggestions' are given over and over again, all the while we keep up our deep breathing.  When its time to open our eyes, we will stretch and feel awake and energized. 

"Ok, I will count back from 5.  When I get to 1, open your eyes..5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

"Let's go around the room and see what you all thought..."

Donna:  I don't think I was suggestible at all.

Hypnotist:  Ok, good.

Me:  I am pretty sure I fell asleep.

Hypnotist:  Ok, good.  By the way, you were deeper than anyone.

(YES, BECAUSE I FELL ASLEEP!!  Can I just add here - what did you think was going to happen when you take all electronics out of my hand, dim the lights and tell me to close my eyes?  Hello!?!?  I am one tired mommy, of course I am going to fall asleep.  Frankly, I am surprised more people didn't fall asleep.)

Gene:  I don't think it worked at all.  I could hear everything you were saying and I was conscious the whole time.

Hypnotist:  Ok, good.

The next 4 people all say the same:  I was in and out, going in and out of deepness.

Hypnotist:  Ok, good.

The last lady in our circle:  I have a hard time hearing and couldn't hear you very well.  I was actually getting bored, ready for it to be over.

Hypnotist:  Ok, good.

"Ok, good"?  What is that all about?  No matter what anyone had to say, including the woman who couldn't even hear her -- 'Ok, good.'   Whatever.

We are now told that even if we didn't think it worked, to give it a week and reflect on how we feel.  Did we subtly start making changes...Did we exercise more?  Watch our portion size?  Did we start carrying a bottle of water with us? 

What happened next?  Stay tuned for Getting kooky, Part 3.  This next part is a doozy!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting kooky

My friend (who I will refer to as "Donna") texted me about a month ago and wrote, "If you promise not to laugh, I want to propose something to you."   Turns out she bought a Groupon deal for two for weight loss hypnosis and was looking for a buddy to go with.  She initially thought her husband would join her but he declined.  Heck ya I would go with her!  I not only didn't laugh, I was honored she thought of me.  As we approached our hypnosis session, I got very excited and couldn't wait to see what this was all about.  Who knows? Maybe they could put me in a hypnotic trance and leave me like that for 6 or so months.   You know, just long enough to lose 50 pounds.  Or, maybe I could be given the power of suggestion that every time someone snaps their finger, I reach for a piece of fruit instead of chips to eat.  Ah, the possibilities are endless!

The big day arrives and Donna and I make our way to Rockville.  We are signed up to participate in a group session.  There are a total of 8 of us, all here for the same reason; to lose some weight.  We are told in the introduction, once we are "under" we will be given the following suggestions: to eat healthier, eat less, drink more water and exercise more.

Right away, we are off to a great start as the woman running this session asks my friend, in front of everyone, if she is expecting.  Um, NO!!!  Seriously, you are going to ask someone who is already feeling overly conscious of their weight and here for a weight loss program too boot, if they are pregnant?  OUCH! 

The whole session is to last 1 to 1.5 hours.  We are in this room for over 3 hours.  Is this a sign things are going well or horribly wrong?  I am not sure.  We start (after Donna says, "No, she is not expecting") by going around the circle introducing ourselves and saying what we hope to get out of this.  There is a guy seated next to my left, named Gene, who is wearing baggy clothes and is acting like he is a reporter undercover.  I should note, he said he wants to lose 24 lbs by Wednesday.  But if you take away the baggy clothes, you can tell he doesn't have any weight to lose. All he really needs to feel better about himself is a hair cut.  He's got a piece of paper on his lap and is taking notes.  This rattles the hypnotist big-time and she keeps asking him what he is writing.  Finally, at the end of the evening she tells him to put the piece of paper down and says to him, "I don't think you are here for the reason you say your here." 

I've never been hypnotized before and am not sure what to expect.  We are told that EVERYONE is able to be hypnotized and it is a matter how deep you go.  After about an hour of discussion on how our brain works and is wired, we are ready to go under.  I ask a question - Will I be able to tell how deep I go?   Apparently this rattles her and she says that no one has ever asked her that question before and wants to know why I am asking it. 

We are finally ready to begin.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and what happens when we get hypnotized.....

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Driving in the car on the way to school, Sam asked me what is too dangerous to do while driving.  I listed texting, reading a book, drinking alcohol, etc.  Sam then asked if it is dangerous to be driving while flossing your teeth.  She has asked me this in the past and brought it up again.  How bizarre.  Makes me wonder what is going through her head sometimes.


During our recent snow day on Wednesday, the kids' didn't have school and Jeff didn't make it into the office.  Jeff set himself up with his laptop at the dining room table and was able to work remotely.  After about 4 hours, Jeff finally gets up to take a break. Sam takes one look at him and says, "I thought that chair was going to be stuck to your bum you were sitting for so many hours." 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Learning some life skills

Ian is far from independent.  He is very content to let me pick out his clothes (not only in the stores, but what he will wear daily), get him his breakfast, make his lunch, dinner and whatever snacks are needed.  The only thing I don't do for him is brush his teeth. 

As Ian approaches his 8th bithday, I feel it is important for him to start doing some stuff for himself.  I found this list of what chores can be done by age.  For 6 to 8 year olds, the list is crazy long and I was shocked by some of the stuff.   For the past few months, he has been clearing the dinner table each evening and is working on getting his snacks/drinks throughout the day. 

I've decided to take it up a notch and get him to give the bathrooms a quick once-over each Saturday morning.  All I am requesting is no more than 2 minutes of work per bathroom - take Lysol wipes and wipe down the sink, toilet, and empty the trash can.  Believe me, this is a toned down version of what a 6 to 8 year old can do to a bathroom.

The first Saturday I told Ian my new plan was met with much resistance.  Ian was not happy and as we went from bathroom to bathroom, he got very grumpy.  I told him I would help him for the first few weeks until he got comfortable with my expectations (actually making sure it is clean and not just haphazzardly giving it a quick swipe) and then he'd be on his own.   We bumped up his allowance to $4.00 per week.
This past Saturday, we reached a new level of cooperation.  When Ian had woken up, Jeff and Sam had already left for Wegman's.  I asked him which he would like to do first -- eat breakfast, take a shower or clean the bathrooms?   Ian's answer...Clean the bathrooms.  Before I could smile my reaction, Ian had gone downstairs to get a trash bag and was already working on his first bathroom.  I simply observed and watched Ian do his thing.  He really worked hard and made me very proud.

As Ian was cleaning his 2nd bathroom (we only have 3), he lifted up the toilet seat, took one look and said, "I need a raise."  I had to chuckle and agreed with him.  Since he had a great attitude while cleaning and there was no complaining, I told him we will start to give him $5 a week.  This made him very happy.

I feel good that Ian is starting to do some things around the house to help.  He will take pride in earning that allowance each week, rather than simply being handed it.   I also feel great that he is getting some life skills that will serve him well later on.

And once I let Sam loose on the vaccum cleaner (this is her dream!), I will be sitting back and enjoying a cup of tea.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A tale from the Crypt

The month of February was relatively quiet.  The Crazy Man was down in Boca Raton vacationing with his girlfriend.  He left on February 2nd and was scheduled to come back on March 1st.  I only heard from him a handful of times with various requests.  Around the 2nd week of February he had me make reservations for a hotel in Naples and Sarasota.  Him and the girlfriend were planning to do a few side trips. 

The morning after the first getaway, he calls and tells me what a HUGE mistake going to Florida was.  I quote, "I am in emotional distress.  This is the trip from Hell.  I should have NEVER come down here with her."

The Crazy Man is literally stammering his speech because he is so upset and can't get out the words he wants to say.  It is all I can do to keep from laughing at his predicament.  He still had another 10 days with his companion before they were scheduled to fly back home.

With one week left to go in his vacation, he calls me bright and early on a Sunday morning and says, "You will never guess why I am calling.  What is the craziest thing I could tell you?" I wasn't in the mood to play games and said, "I don't know.  Please just tell me what is going on."

The Crazy Man replies, "We want to stay down here longer.  Can you please see if it is cheaper to change the return flight ticket or if it makes more sense to just buy new one-way tickets home?"

Seriously?  You've got to be kidding me.  Nope!  Instead of coming back home on Friday, March 1st, The Crazy Man and his girlfriend would like to extend their trip by four whole days and come back on Tuesday, March 5th.  When I researched his options and called him back 5 minutes later, I am put on hold, while I hear him argue with the girlfriend on what he wants to do.  Apparently she doesn't want to come back on Tuesday.  Monday, yes.  But not Tuesday.  O.M.G.!!

The Crazy Man gave in, agreed to coming back on Monday and the tickets were officially changed.  $204 later and they both can spend an extra weekend in Boca Raton together.

I am not sure Boca will ever be the same.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hanging up the dance shoes

And in other news, I am working extremely hard at cutting back our activities.

I came to a decision that we will take a break from gymnastics, dance, swim lessons (and of course religious school) during the summer. Other than the trips that are being planned and camp, all extracurricular activities are on hold. Last Summer I managed to keep everything going (in addition to camps) and it was one crazy day after another. It got me thinking, if I am ok with taking a break during the summer, than why not start now?!?!!?

 So I told Sam that after this current session of dance is over (last class was on Wednesday, February 27th), we weren't going to go back.   Sam took one look at me and said, "Ok, I will do soccer instead."   Um, that wasn't the point!  I told her we can look at doing it in the Fall, but the rest of this school year was going to be one activity less.

The funny thing is, I thought it would be really hard to break the news that she wasn't going to keep her dance classes.  I was expecting tears and screaming from her on how important this activity was.  Fortunately, this couldn't have been further from the truth.

And, when I told the two other moms who send their daughter's (Sam's BFFs) to this class, both of them were more than ready to stop going too.  I think we all came to the conclusion that after more than two years of this, we were ready for a break.

The woman who teaches this dance class is amazing and really wonderful with the kids.  You couldn't ask for a better environment -- it is not competitive in the least, very laid back, lots of fun and no crazy recitals requiring expensive costumes or requirements.  This year we had the class evolve to half ballet, half tap.  The 3 girls do have a wonderful time.

Here's the icing on the cake -- Miss M. is not coming back either to teach the class.  She has many other obligations and won't be continuing.

How funny that it is over all around?  Not only are the students leaving, but the teacher is too. 

And with that, my week is suddenly getting a little less crazy.  Not by a ton, but Wednesdays aren't going to be my craziest day anymore.

This is one of my most favorite pictures I've taken at dance class -- April 2011
Sam is in the middle.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Heard and Observed #38

The other day, I said the following to Ian;

"Ian, you are CRAZY!"

His response? "Well, I am half Mazer."

Love it!


Sam completed level 1 in gymnastics and was ready for the level 2-3 class.  The only opening for her new class that worked for our schedule was Monday evenings at 5:00pm.  Ian is there anyway from 4 to 6pm, so it allows me the opportunity to be in one place for an extended amount of time.  A win-win!  However, this is a very long day for Sam.  She has Pre-K from 9:00am to 1:00pm, Swimming from 2:30 to 3:00pm and then gymnastics from 5:00 to 6:00pm.  

Upon walking in the house at 6:10pm this past Monday, Sam took one look at Jeff and said:

"I had too much of a day!"


While driving in the car:

Sam:  Can a girl marry another girl?

Me:  Yes, if they love each other.

Sam:  Can a boy marry another boy?

Me:  Yes, if they love each other.

Sam:  Can I marry myself?

Me:  No, that one is not possible.

Sam: Ok then, I am going to marry Grant.  He's already 5, you know.

I really think Sam was weighing all her available options before deciding that Grant would be the lucky individual.  For those that don't know Grant, he can scream with the best of them.  They would make a lovely couple.  :)