Tuesday, February 28, 2017

President's day 2017

Jeff took the day off from work!  The kids had off from school!  I didn't have to work my part-time jobs!  It was 64 degrees and February!

We packed a picnic and headed to the Tidal Basin area in D.C.  We took Lucy and made it a full family affair.  It was a lovely way to spend the day.  After the picnic we walked around the monuments and even went off the path to check out the WWII memorial.   I hope we never take for granted how amazing it is just a 25 minute drive away. 

What a wonderful day!  And to be able to include Lucy made it feel even more perfect.  And no family outing is complete without stopping for ice cream on the way home. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Samantha at her best.

While Ian was away for the weekend, we had the rare opportunity to have some quality time with Samantha...just Samantha.  I researched different children's activities Sam would be interested in doing and found an awesome play I knew she would enjoy.  "Ella Enchanted" was playing at the Glen Echo Theatre.  I love seeing live performances especially when they are done well.  Make it a musical and it really makes me happy.  Since the play didn't have to appeal to Ian, I figured this was a no-brainer and bought tickets for the 4 of us.  Yes, that's right...4 tickets! 

The key to making our outing a success is for Samantha to have a friend with her.  When Samantha has a buddy she becomes the most best behaved girl ever.  It is a guarantee that Sam will be cooperative, pleasant to be around, and happy.  If there is one word to describe Sam with a friend, it's 'delightful'.   I absolutely love being around my daughter when she is like this.  It's the best thing ever and I really enjoy her company.   She doesn't whine, she doesn't demand anything, she doesn't yell.  She gets dressed easily.  She acts her age.  I'm not walking on egg shells waiting for her to explode.  It is amazing!

Fortunately Sam has a few really great buddies who are usually available and up for anything.  Jeff and I always say, "having one more is like having 2 less."

The play was great!  Both girls really enjoyed it.  Afterwards, we went to lunch in Bethesda and our time together just kept getting better and better.  It is truly amazing how great Sam can be.  I ♥︎ Samantha!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Samantha being Samantha

Ian recently went away to a youth group retreat for 2 nights/3 days over the weekend.  Samantha and I picked Ian up on Sunday evening.  Upon collecting Ian we had plans to go straight to the movies with our friends.   I am giving you all this background because its during the ride home from the movies that the craziness ensues.  You have to understand that Sam hasn't been around Ian for over 72 hours and when she does finally see him she lets him have it.

On the ride home from the movies:

Sam (said in the most dramatic fashion possible):   I've been keeping something in for over a year now.  I could write a book about it.  The book would be bigger than a Harry Potter book.  It would be the biggest book in the world. 

Me:  What's that Sam?  What would your book be about?

Sam:  All the reasons I want to punch Ian!

Me:  What???? 

Sam:  I've kept this to myself for the past year.  My book would be HUGE with all the reasons I want to punch Ian.

Me:  Wow Sam, that's not really nice. 

Sam then starts listing all her reasons for the rest of the drive home.

Poor Ian.  All he wants is for Sam to be nice to him.  And this is the welcome he gets after being gone all weekend.