Monday, July 3, 2017

Can you hear me now?

It was a long, excruciating wait for Ian but the day finally came!  Jeff and I planned that at the end of 6th grade we'd give Ian a cell phone as a promotion from elementary school present.

It was fun letting Ian think the phone was never coming.  There was a day two weeks prior when his friend was over and I asked him if he thought it was absolutely necessary for Ian to have a phone.  He said "No."  Ian tried to explain how important it was for him to have phone.  That when he went to Robinson he might need to text me to tell me he is staying after school.  Without hesitation, I asked Ian's friend if he could use his phone if this need arose.  Ian's friend said "Yes.".  Problem solved Ian!  What Ian and his friend didn't know was that this whole time I had the phone already purchased and ready to give him. 

I bought a Robinson Rams hoodie and wrapped the phone (still safely secured in the box) around it.   As Ian was pulling out the hoodie and thinking this was the only gift he was getting, Jeff called the phone and had it start ringing.  It was a brilliant plan but got a little messed up in execution.  The phone started ringing a little too early as Ian was still reading the card.

Samantha who is 3 years younger very badly wants to be treated like Ian's equal. She feels she should have a phone too.  We told her when she is done with 6th grade that is when she can get one.  The next day, Sam created this sign and posted it on her door.

Sam wrote:  When Sam gets a phone    June 22  7:23pm   2020

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